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Eureachi provides a range of services to companies worldwide, giving them a competitive advantage to meet their short and long-term goals in a quickly changing business environment.

With more than 20 years practical experience in logistics and supply chain for the pharmaceutical, aviation, automotive, and retail industry we have all the knowledge and expertise in-house to assist our clients in optimizing their operational and supply chain processes.

We work closely with our clients to build efficient and sustainable supply chain solutions that reduce costs and minimize risks.

Project Management

The main challenge of project management is to achieve your project goal within the given time and budget constraints. Since a project is not “business as usual” we can coach you to manage your projects in a structured way:

  • Scope definition
  • Process analysis
  • Solution proposals
  • Planning and definition of critical milestones
  • Project execution
  • Project monitoring
  • Project closure

You can hire us to coach you through your project journey or as a dedicated temporary project manager.

Process Improvement

By analyzing your operational or administrative activities based on Kaizen and the 5 S methodology, we are able to propose improvement actions to optimize your activities, generating a time and/or cost saving.

Audit Activities

With our experience in ISO 9001, GDP ( Good Distribution Practices ) and IATA C.E.I.V. we can offer fully comprehensive audit services.


Compliance & Regulatory Advice

With our excellent knowledge of the European GDP guidelines, local legislation and I.A.T.A. Temperature Control Regulations ( T.C.R. ) , we can advise and guide you in obtaining full compliance.

Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators are utilized to monitor periodically progress towards a variety of goals. Choosing the right KPI’s in a SMART way is important for assess and eventually improve the performance of your organization and departments. By assessing your organization or departments, we are able to assist you in defining and setting up the right KPI’s.

Risk Management

In order to maximize your business continuity, a thorough risk management is indispensable. We can assist you in this by doing Risk Assessments based on the F.M.E.A. ( Failure Mode Effect Analysis ) methodology. Once risks (critical points) are mapped, we can train you you in how to minimize, mitigate or eliminate the risks.

Value Stream Mapping

Since cost management is fundamental for a company, we also offer value stream mapping, by creating a full picture of your main cost drivers and assist you in developing the most cost-efficient scenario for your specific business.

Temperature mapping

We can perform temperature mappings of your temperature controlled warehouses and trucks by predefined protocol including critical points and crash test. After the mapping a full report will be provided.


Training of your staff is essential. As a certified IATA CEIV Instructor for Temperature controlled cargo operations and Audit, Quality and Risk Management, we are having sufficient experience to give in-house customised trainings for management, warehouse staff and drivers.